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Lux Tempora Bo

18000 euros
A technical and innovative luminaire, Lux Tempora Bo illuminates us at the speed of light.
Lux Tempora Bo is a luminaire that illuminates us at the speed of light. Sophisticated and avant-garde object, extraordinary clock, Bo represents our solar system: Once turned on, the light beam illuminates; a line of light runs through its base and lights up each of the planets it passes through. It successively exceeds the orbits of the 4 rocky planets Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars then it continues its course to Neptune passing by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. The time of a dinner with friends, a half working day or a meditation on our place in the immensity of the universe, it offers us a cosmic journey of 4 hours 02 to reach the limits of our solar system. Our interplanetary space seems almost accessible to us. Accurate to reality, all scales are kept, both for the size of the discs that represent the planets, and for the distance that separates them from each other and from the sun. Lux Tempora is designed for interior decoration. Its dimensions have been conceived for the layout of an office, a curiosity cabinet and for all living rooms.
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Lux Tempora Bo

153 x 45 x 7 cm – 60,24 x 17,72 x 2,76 in.


Weight approx. 50.7 lbs

Original version in steel, aluminium, synthetic glass, leds and electronics
Power supply

Depending on your choice, the discs are textured, translucent or colored. The original version is proposed with colored discs in synthetic glass.
Accessory: Sets of 8 color or material discs are available individually.


bespoken, with no limit on size and specifications other than those of your dreams.

You want to exhibit or install it in a reception hall, a meeting room, a museum, a yacht… don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalised version !


Lux Tempora Bo

Limited edition of 50.
20833 € ex VAT

Lux Tempora Exception

bespoken, each Lux Tempora Exception is unique.

All the versions use the know-how of French high technology and craftsmanship and are made in France.
The electronic process and lighting developed to simulate the speed of light belong to CASSIOM®. A CASSIOM® exclusive.

A word from the creator
Born from a recurring and fantastic dream, the crossing of the solar system in space by riding a ray of light from the sun, I imagined Lux Tempora as a journey. Few of us are able to imagine the impassable speed of the photon. Lux Tempora allows us to visualize it and to grasp the size of our solar system and its planets thanks to a design object, surprising, technical and yet simple as an interactive light. Thanks to Arro Studio who knew how to reinterpret my first functional prototypes!

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