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Astronomy + Design
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Eta Carinea, Orion, Rosetta… When artists challenge the most mysterious nebulae!

Nebulae are celestial objects composed of gas, plasma and dust.

Until very recently, the term used to refer to cloudy and more or less diffuse objects.

Today, thanks to the technological advances of the 20th century, we can finally visualise them.

Hubble space telescope provides us some magnificient pictures of these far objects.

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The CASSIOM collection, designed and developed by founder Florent LE SCORNET, has been created in an artistic environment in conjunction with architecture and interior decoration.

Words from the founder

“The cosmos is beautiful.  We experience it on an intimate level when we raise our eyes to the starry sky.  Observation instruments, binoculars and telescopes give us magnificent views of the stars.  Yet few objects allow us to appropriate the beauty of celestial bodies. With Cassiom, I wanted to bring the beauty of the cosmos into our homes, our schools, our offices, the hotel and all environments where one can appreciate the vastness of the sky.”

Losing itself in astronomy and design, CASSIOM has invented a trend and high-tech item combined with the pleasure of the beautiful item to be possessed: space decorations

From contemplation to exploration, Cassiom decorative items are part of our everyday lives with poetry, precision and richness. The purpose of these items is to mention or disclose the mysteries illustrated by myths or great discoveries.

An astronomical clock, constellations, nebulae … the CASSIOM collection and space decorations show the cosmos and the solar system up close and most fairly.

CASSIOM items are no more than astronomy instruments.

Technological objects par excellence and gifts that are high-tech, innovative and at times unusual, CASSIOM astronomical and decorative items play with the latest technological developments.

Useful, they can also be broken down into several versions that are more or less sophisticated in their design and materials. Made to order and in series, they are suited to all spaces.

They are also exceptional design decorative items that are decorative art items that are precious too all aesthetics.

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The Moon as never seen!

Alunis is a collection of objects invented in order to touch, understand and dream about the moon.

Take the first step or hold it in your hands!

Closer than ever, the moon is celebrated by poets, scientists, followers of the Koran and lovers of all countries.

For almost twenty years, Luc Billières takes us on a journey through space to relive the first steps… Associated with CASSIOM, in an exclusive and unique collaboration, the artist takes us to our favourite satellite.

Revisited in mural sculpture, Buzz Aldrin’s first step is an iconic work for all lovers of Space.

Therefore, it is impossible not to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon walk with a tribute to the men who revolutionised our vision of the world.

To better discover the moon, we chose to appeal to Erol, an artistic genius, who was able to highlight its texture and selenite surface. Starting with the data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and a process developed by him, he created the first Luna: A masterful production that cannot be compared with the multiple versions in 3D prints completed so far.

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Our items

Eta Carinae by Sébastien Crêteur

An explosion of colours !
Cassiom has entrusted artist Sébastien Crêteur with an artistic exploration of this captivating and colourful universe. A talented artist with also passionate about astronomy, he offers us a spectacular representation of the southern sky : Eta Carinae, an amazing formation born from a collapse and explosion of stars, otherwise known as the Homoculus Nebula. In his creation, the artist gives the images that we already know a depth and a particular poetry.
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