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Saturne by Rolf Zweifel

5300 euros
A new vision of Saturn
Discover Saturn, the pearl of the solar system and travel to the edge of its rings. Rolf Zweifel offers us an original journey with a unique sculpture, a synthesis of his 'know-how' and his dreams.
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Saturne by Rolf Zweifel – 2021

Synthetic crystal, minerals, aluminum and NASA photo

53 L x 28 H x 5 P cm

Unique original work of art


4 417 € ex VAT

About Rolf Zweifel
Trained as a wood modeller, Rolf Zweifel practised various trades such as wood modeller, carpenter's helper, site worker, carpenter and architectural model maker before turning, in the 1990s, to the transformation and creation of acrylic glass - more commonly known as Plexiglas.   "Creating transparency requires a cheat-free approach. Everything shows."   Self-taught, his practice leads him as much to the coating of parts as to transparent creations, while mastering UV or 2-component bonding. He carries out realizations on request or free creations.   "What attracted me to this profession is the ability to play with transparency, reflections, optical illusions, and colors created by reverberation."   Rolf Zweifel creates pieces of all sizes for a wide range of clients, from museums and theaters to high-end watch brands, medical institutions, industrial and scientific research, private individuals, audiophiles, or architectural offices. His creations have multiple practical applications: showcases, creation of trophies for events, protection elements. He also collaborates with artists and assists them in their creations.   "All the creations that come out of the workshop are "homemade", or expanded with the collaboration of specialists in their own fields."

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